Celebrating the Completion of Phase One

Celebrating the Completion of Phase One
By Brian Brookins

On Sunday, April 29th, the church joined together for an evening of food, fellowship and celebration with our first Family Gathering of the year. This event was a time for us to come together and celebrate what God has done through the 2011 Renovation Project.  We had nearly 200 people in attendance, including 150 sitting down for dinner and an entire team of volunteers working behind the scenes with our kids and in the kitchen to make our Family Gathering a success.  While the food was excellent and the games were exciting we did not want the night to end there. We wanted to take some time to honor those who played an important part in the Renovation Project and, by God’s goodness, we were able to just that.

We are truly grateful for Miriam Urbanetz who designed the entire project.  Her excellence marked the project from beginning to end.  Mike Rizzuti diligently oversaw the actual work, which included quality offerings from several Riverside subcontractors.  Angie Baez was ready on the spot to facilitate communication amongst various parties and Milan Stefanovic led our generous and creative Renovation Committee.  A number of true servants worked to oversee major fundraisers, serve on the committee, assemble chairs and more.  Thank you!

Of course, none of this could have been possible apart from the generous spirit of the Riverside family.  God has faithfully guided us to this point.  I see the evidence of His grace in you.  Thank you for your great attitude Riverside, for your hard work, and for your generous financial support.  To God Alone be the Glory!

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