The Church of Jesus Christ is comprised of all true believers and their children. The Bible teaches that not only are believers holy, but our children are considered holy as well – set apart for God (1 Corinthians 7:14). It has been this way since the beginning. When God called Abraham and made his covenant with him, the promises extended to his entire household, including his children. With the coming of Jesus, this didn’t change. Christ still exhorts us to let children come to him (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14) and he receives and blesses infants (Luke 18:15-16). On the day of Pentecost, after preaching the forgiveness of sin found in Christ, Peter added, “this promise is for you and your children…” (Acts 2:39).

Dedicating our children to the Lord rightly acknowledges that our entire household belongs to God. To be clear, the act of baby dedication doesn’t save our children any more than circumcision in ancient times or baptism today. Rituals never save us; only faith in Christ saves us. Instead it rightly affirms that our children are fully included in the household of faith, while we wait for them to profess their own faith in Christ through baptism, and begin to take the Lord’s Supper. In dedicating our children to the Lord, we surrender all worldly claims upon their lives, with the hope that they will belong wholly to God. If you have a new baby or children who have never been dedicated, please call the church office and we would be happy to schedule it or meet with you to discuss it more.

If you would like to dedicate your child please click here to fill out our baby dedication application.