Riverside Church is given you FREE ACCESS to the biggest DIGITAL video Bible study library in the world.

RightNow Media

What is RightNow Media?

Rightnow Media is like the Netflix of Christian Bible studies. With access to 10,000+ Bible Study videos, from 150 leading Christian publishers and ministries, you’ll find valuable tools for your neighborhood groups, personal development, and areas of life training like marriage and parenting.

What is the cost?

This is a FREE resource that Riverside Church is providing for you and your family! Additional family members and friends can set up their own accounts as well.

How do I obtain my FREE access?

Your access is easy! Just click on this link FREE RIGHTNOW MEDIA ACCESS

How do I sign up or create an account?

Once you click on the link above, scroll down to create your profile and password. And then you can EXPLORE!!

Check out this video to learn more!

Is RightNow Media only available on the web?

No, that’s the best part! RightNow Media is available on many digital platforms: android, Chromecast, iPhone & iiPad, Roku, and Apple TV. 


For more information or questions about RightNow Media please email us at info@954church.com