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We want to be known for our generosity—with both our time and money—toward those in our local community. Through our partnerships with great local organizations and non-profits, we provide opportunities to meet the real needs of our community as we serve together.

Extending God’s mercy to abortion-minded women.

Caring for children and families in crisis.

To take the Hope of Christ to every student.

To provide hope, share love and restore purpose to the aging population.

Connecting today’s youth to a thriving future.

Uniting and inspiring leaders towards spiritual, cultural, and social renewal in South Florida.


To take the Hope of Christ to every student.

Preventing family separation by advocating for mothers in crisis.


Riverside Church partners with the following organizations to meet the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of the national and international community.  We invite you to join us in supporting them in the work they are doing around the world.

Bringing God’s Word to unreached children around the world.

Connecting and developing worship leaders through cohorts, songwriting, and community.