Women’s Group

women ministry

Women’s Life Group

  • Melissa Iossifov
  • LIVE @ RC/Cafe
  • Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM

A Bible Study and fellowship designed to foster friendships and care for one another as women in the faith.

Email Us: miossifov@gmail.com

The Faithful Entrepreneur

  • Jacky & Aida
  • LIVE @ RC/Cafe
  • Saturdays @ 9:30 AM

This group is intended for women who have an entrepreneurial heart! We want to create an environment where women who own a business, or have an interest in entrepreneurship can connect in a safe place with one another. A place where they can share their stories, challenges, and successes. We hope to create a place of trust and support each other through prayer, fellowship, and networking.

Email Us: jpaulin31@gmail.com

Women’s Discussion Life Group

  • Jeannie Perez
  • Perez’ home
  • Mondays @ 6:30 – 8:00 PM

8 Week discuss on the topics of the Conference: Revive 21.
With difficult things happening in our lives and around the world, being grounded in Christ, in the presence of God, in community, in hope, in God’s word, in his good design, in all seasons, is imperative!

Email Us: jeannie_payan@hotmail.com