2012 Preaching Series

– Brian Brookins

Greeting Riverside Family! The New Year is upon us and with it comes something new for our church. This is the first issue of a monthly e-newsletter we’re launching. Through the newsletter we hope to encourage you, connect you, and keep you informed as you manage your busy schedule. Most importantly, we hope to provide resources to help you grow in God’s Word. We pray it becomes a timely source of spiritual encouragement each and every month!

In this issue, I wanted to let you know what we have coming up for our preaching schedule next year. January 15 is “Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday. In light of this, we aim to take three weeks, beginning January 8, exploring what it means to be human beings, made in the image of God. Our hope it to deepen our convictions and sense of wonder that this awesome privilege has been bestowed upon us!

In February and March we will launch into a sermon series on “Knowing God.” Many are confused, even disheartened, by what they perceive to be a lack of depth in their relationship with Christ. In this series we will delve into the key Scriptures and subjects that help us know Christ more and grow in Him.

That will lead us into the Easter season. Leading up to Easter, we plan to take several Sundays unpacking Isaiah 53 and how this ancient prophecy shapes our understanding of the cross. This series serves as a prelude to Easter and will culminate Easter Sunday, April 8.

We hope this teaser whets your appetite for what’s ahead. We look forward to spending another year together in God’s Word and growing in His grace!

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