Fight Against Worldliness

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As we talked about on Sunday the fight against worldliness is severe. We saw that we fight and quarrel with one another because of warring passions that rage within us. James reveals that the root of these warring passions is traced to friendship with the world. Instead of fighting with one another we need to be fighting the world. In order to fight this battle we need to submit ourselves to God, resist the devil, draw near to and humble ourselves before the Lord, and we are promised that God will favorably respond to us. This is our fight towards holiness. So what are the weapons we use in this fight against the world and this fight for holiness?

One of the most powerful weapons in our daily submission to God is soaking in His word. This morning I came across a blog post by John Piper entitled, Some Proven Weapons in the Fight for Holiness. I thought this might be helpful in light of our study through James, and in our unending fight to humbly submit our lives to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Please take some time to read this article, and use the tools it provides to aid in the fight. May this minister to your soul.

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Read the article by John Piper by clicking here.

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