Genesis 12

The Gospel Preached to Abraham

Here we begin the second major period of OT History.

Period II – The Age of the Patriarchs

Genesis 12-50



The context is set: God created and man rebelled against God.  The penalty is death.  What will God do?  Here in what appears to be the darkest possible moment, God speaks.  He gives wonderful promises to Abraham!  The seven-fold promise recorded in Genesis 12:1-3 is called by the Apostle Paul the gospel!  (see Gal. 3:8).  It would be worthwhile to meditate on several questions:

How does Jesus fulfill the promises given to Abraham?

How do these promises apply to you personally?  To the Church?

As we continue our journey through Genesis you will want to be looking for expressions of faith as well as evidences of failure from Abraham.  He models for us faith; he reminds us in the process of our universal need for a Savior.

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