Genesis 2

We said earlier that Genesis 1 is foundational.  Perhaps it is better to say that Genesis chapters 1-3 are foundational.  They are a critical part of the first major section of the OT.  You can divide the OT up into 10 major sections, the first of which is Genesis 1-11, the Age of Beginnings.

Here are the themes of that section:

  1. Creation
  2. The entrance of sin
  3. The spread of sin

D.A. Carson (For the Love of God, Vol. 1) develops 2 ideas regarding Genesis 2:

  1. The nakedness of Adam and Eve points to our initial innocence and openness, all of which we lost when man sinned (Genesis 3).
  2. More foundational thoughts, but this time on marriage.  God created marriage with a goal of oneness – of total unity and intimacy.  When a husband and wife are joined in marriage they become one body and soul.  They are made (created) to live this way; woman was taken from man and when they are joined in marriage they return to this order.
    1. Thus, divorce is a terrible event, an unnatural separation that brings great pain at great cost.
    2. Sin undermines this blessed arrangement
    3. Jesus heals and restores our marriage, and yes, even the unnatural pain of divorce
    4. The cross restores innocence and frees us to be real again!


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