Joy of Recovery

Joy of Recovery
Stefan Bomberger

Last night at the prayer meeting Brian exhorted us to pray that God would open a door for His word out of Scripture. I want to highlight a door that appears to be opening for us as a church and entreat your prayers. Recently, we have had a number of folks walking to our church from a nearby recovery house, called Joy of Recovery. Last week, Bobby Clark and I visited with the house manager, Craig, to discuss how we might serve their cause. We discussed serving monthly at the house, through Second Saturday. In fact, April 14th we plan to already send a team over their to help clean-up around the house and do some yard-work. Also, Bobby and I were able to drop off a television later in the week, courtesy of Friendship Center.

Doors are opening. After our brief interactions, Craig has invited us as a church to start up a weekly Bible study in the house. The house holds a maximum of 12 residents of mixed gender, so in many ways it will be the perfect small group size! What a great opportunity for us to bring God’s Word to those in desperate need of the freedom Christ provides. So I entreat your prayers. May God open a door for his Word and firmly establish the Gospel in this home. Also, if you, or someone you know in the church, has a heart to serve in this capacity, please reach out to me and let me know. What a joy to partner with you in the advance of the glorious Gospel!

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