Mark 14-15

In the following article you will find a brief commentary on Mark 14-15 that goes along with our Riverside Church Two Year Bible Reading Plan (Volume 1 & Volume 2).  This plan will allow you to read the New Testament and Psalms once every year and the Old Testament once every two years.

Mark 14-15

The Gospel Transformation Bible from the NT

Here is a passage from the GTB introducing Mark 14 and 15.  Enjoy!

Jesus has displayed his power in multiple ways.  He now faces the ultimate test of his claims and actions.  The Old Testament themes of the “suffering of the righteous one” and the betrayal by friends (Ps. 34:19; 37:12); the rejection of the messenger of God (Mark 12:1-12); and the necessity that the Messiah of God must suffer (8:31; 9:31; 10:32-34; cf. Isa. 53:1-12) and give himself as a substitutionary atonement for rebellious human beings (Mark 10:45; cf. Isa. 53:12) all converge in the event of Jesus’ betrayal and death.

The follower of Christ will benefit from pondering the question of why Jesus had to pursue this painful path of suffering (Mark 8:31).  Jesus goes alone to accomplish that which his followers could not accomplish (10:45).  Here we see the great value of the scandal of the grace of God.  God sent his Son to do what we never could do, and to suffer what we deserved to suffer.

Don’t be dissuaded by the multiple cross references to other passages.  This is what a good study bible will do – it helps you connect what you are reading to the larger context of the chapter, the section, the book, the testament, and the bible.

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