Matthew 23

Matthew 23

How Not to Lead

This is a troubling chapter.  Jesus affirms the Pharisees’ position but obliterates their actual fulfillment of God’s call (23:2-3).

We learn much here about how to lead by looking at its contrast.  D. A. Carson faithfully summarizes the issues:

There are three primary characteristics in these people that arouse Jesus’ ire.

The first is the loss of perspective that, with respect to the revelation of God, focuses on the minors and sacrifices the majors…

The second is love for the outward forms of religion with very little experience of a transformed nature…

The third damning indictment is that because they have a major teaching role, these leaders spread their poison and contaminate                 others, whether by precept or example. Not only do they fail to enter the kingdom themselves, they effectively close it down to others             (23:13–15).[1]




[1] Carson, D. A. (1998). For the love of God: a daily companion for discovering the riches of God’s Word. (Vol. 1). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.

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