NEXT 2011

“Look around—you live in a post-Christian culture. What the Bible says is treated with disbelief or scorn; faith is considered a relic or worthless.

Christ calls us to love God with our minds, interpreting all of nature and culture in the light of God’s self-revelation. As Christians we can survey the whole cosmos with new eyes and see it as an open field for joyful, worshipful exploration.

A Christ-centered worldview is broad and deep and mature enough to encompass every facet of life—science and society, mathematics and music, love and logic. In Christ, Christians should be the deepest thinkers, the most passionate explorers, the most innovative entrepreneurs. Join us at Next 2011 as we consider, “How does Christ transform the way I look at the world?”

Next is about faithfully holding fast to the gospel and passing it on to those coming after us. The
focus of the conference is young adult and college age but this year’s theme will be of interest to all ages and so anyone 18 or over is welcome. or for more information contact us.

Register for Next or for more information contact us.

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