Genesis 28 and 29

Genesis 28 & 29

Jacob Prospers

In many ways Jacob proves he is so undeserving.  As we read we cannot help but ask, ‘Why Jacob?’!  But God has chosen him.

God meets him at Bethel.  There he receives the promises from God in a dream/vision.  His relationship is restored with God.  He sees angels on a ladder and earth connected to heaven as he is connected to God through this experience.

Jesus would later claim to be the fulfillment of Jacob’s ladder (John 1:51).  In fact, he is the ladder.  He is the one connecting earth to heaven, restoring broken sinners just like Jacob back to the Father.  He is Bethel, the House of God.  It is in Christ that we meet God, and when we encounter Jesus as the temple of God we too are transformed into God’s dwelling place.

In Genesis 29 we already begin to see small changes in Jacob.  Is 28 his conversion, or is his conversion his wrestling match with God in chapter 32?  God is certainly at work, even in Jacob!

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