How to Truly Live Life in the Spirit of God

How to Truly Live Life in the Spirit of God – Sermon Recap (4-18-2021)

Paul begins chapter 8 with a significant promise that applies to every believer: “no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1) In the previous chapter, Paul discussed the dominion of the law and how relying on your own performance to fulfill the law can negatively impact your spiritual health. Because Jesus Christ released us from the law, we are no longer defined by our failures to uphold the standards of the law. The removal of condemnation is the starting place for a transformed life.  And it’s through the Spirit of God that we get to experience this new life with full assurance that it will bring about renewal in ourselves and the world around us.

Through the power of the resurrected Christ, it’s possible to:

  1. Set Your Mind on the Spirit (Fight against your sinful nature that leads to death and condemnation)
  2. Expect Powerful Help as You Kill Sin (We don’t have to fight sin alone)
  3. Receive the Spirit of Adoption (Redemption and restoration is possible)

For every believer, it’s crucial to not only know how the Spirit works within us but how to apply that knowledge in everyday life.  

Set Your Mind on the Spirit (Romans 8: 5-11)

Paul encourages us to think about the things of the Holy Spirit. To do what is pleasing to God involves setting aside our pride and selfishness. If we focus too much on what the flesh wants, it will eventually lead to death. In our fallen nature, it’s easy to believe the lie that living for our comforts will bring us life. But as followers of Christ, we are called to serve and love others. It may be uncomfortable at the moment to adopt this new mindset, but it will always lead to life and peace. 

Expect Powerful Help as You Kill Sin (Romans 8:12-13)

We are constantly waging war against sin. In our own strength, we will often fail. But Paul doesn’t tell us to just fight harder or not fight at all. Instead, we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to assist us in our struggles. We wait on God to help us in His perfect timing. The Holy Spirit reminds us of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. God loves us enough to not leave us trapped in our sin. The same power that conquered sin and death is available to us today. Since Christ did the work on our behalf, we can expect grace from God to help us in our battles. 

Receive the Spirit of Adoption (Romans 8:14-17)

Paul ends this section with a declaration of God’s love for us. Once we were at war with God, but now we are God’s children. We are no longer slaves to sin but adopted sons and daughters of God the Father. The Spirit acts as a witness to this reality, which removes any uncertainty about our status as fellow heirs with Christ. In our inheritance, we have direct access to God the Father. We receive the same love that God the Father had for Jesus. And we suffer with Christ in the present to experience heavenly glory with Him for all eternity. 

As stated before, the battle begins in the mind. So it’s helpful to reflect on these reminders as you continue to live in the Spirit of God, remembering that the battle was already won and we get to share in that victory as children of God:

  1. I belong to God and will live a life of worship to Him
  2. This is the only way to life and peace
  3. I expect the power of Christ to empower me to kill sin
  4. I am deeply loved by my Father and forever secure


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