Motivation to Holiness – Sermon Recap

As believers, we are called to live a certain way. But we often struggle with the motivation needed to live a life of obedience to Christ. We lack motivation because we undervalue what is actually important. So Peter provides help by framing holiness as essential to experiencing transformation in Christ. To experience this new life holistically, we must first know that our souls are valuable and need salvation. Understanding the value of our souls and the salvation of our souls will motivate us to pursue holiness. 

Here are some key phrases on how to know and experience the value of living a holy life:

  1. Living Hope
  2. Saving Faith
  3. Premeditated Grace

Living Hope (1 Peter 1:3-4) 

Peter begins by telling us about a living hope. This hope is not only the promise of heaven but a new life. We receive this hope by God’s great mercy. Jesus taught that those who are sick need a physician, but those that don’t know they are sick will refuse the medical care. In other words, Jesus came to save sinners, not the righteous. (Matthew 9:12) We don’t need to have it all together to experience the kingdom of God. The power that resurrected Jesus from the grave can bring about transformation from the inside out. Peter encourages us to anchor our faith on an inheritance that’s imperishable.

Saving Faith (1 Peter 1:5-9) 

Faith can be defined as how someone says yes to hope. By trusting in God, we receive mercy and connect to God’s power and protection. Peter is writing to a group of people who are experiencing persecution. Although they are suffering, their faith is growing in authenticity, strength, and purity as a result. Peter demonstrates the tremendous value of genuine faith, which provides the opportunity for unparalleled joy and glory.

Premeditated Grace (1 Peter 1:10-12) 

God loved us before the world was made. He shows this love through the gift of Jesus Christ. The prophets of the Old Testament knew about the eventual arrival and suffering of Christ on the cross but weren’t able to experience the redemption that would come from it in their lifetimes. The unveiling of Christ was a gift that none of us deserved but is now available for us to access through saving faith in the living hope of Christ. The Gospel gives us the clarity and assurance of a new and eternal life. By God’s grace, we can face our failures and be completely forgiven without fear.

Here are some application points to remind you of the value of being saved:

  1. Practice Worship (Continually praise God for his mercy that brings about transformation.)
  2. Have Confidence (“God is working in my life to refine my faith. He is transforming me. This is all according to his plan.”)
  3. Cultivate Optimism (Our thoughts, words, and feelings are full of hope and faith.)
  4. Destiny (There’s a greater purpose in pursuing holiness, even though we will experience various trials in this life.)
  5. Encouragement (In moments of hopelessness, we can draw near to God for assistance.)