Why I love Spurgeon…

Why I love Spurgeon…
By Brian Brookins

On Sunday night we gave a copy of C.H. Spurgeon devotionals (Beside Still Waters) to each family.  We wanted to say thank you to Riverside as we celebrate the goodness of God in the completion of Phase I of our Renovation.

This particular collection stands in a unique place in my life.  I have read and reread Beside Still Waters so often that I have worn out more than one cover.  I suppose that this is a bit odd when you consider that the collection was arranged to give comfort to those in a trial, and for the most part, that has not really been my story.  In other words, this Spurgeon offering has helped me most often when I have not been in a trial.

The reason is simple: Spurgeon pleads the promises of God.  Like few I have ever known, he calls to mind and applies promise after promise.  Power, comfort and energy come to the child of God as he believes.  The promise of God enlivens faith and empowers the Christian.

Normally, Spurgeon doesn’t talk about the promises of God so much as just employ them so as to strengthen us.  But on occasion he pauses to speak of the promises and in doing so he instructs us – he reveals his strategy and calls us to follow him.  The following excerpt is an example from his writing on James 1:27 (page 327) that fittingly illustrates.  So, people loved of God, read and be blessed!  Enjoy (and thank you Riverside!).

James 1:17
Spurgeon, C.H.,
Beside Still Waters

Take a great effort to know what God has promised and when He has promised it. Continually study God‘s Word to see if the promises have your name written on them. Many times God has brought a promise to my heart with such freshness that I felt it was given only to me. This promise contained private marks that exactly matched the counterpart of my soul‘s secrets. This proves that God meant me when He spoke.

When you pray, learn to take the promise and say, ―My God, You have promised this blessing. You said that You will do it, and I know that you cannot lie! I am sure that You will give me this blessing because You are a God of truth. Your promises are a gracious bond. Your truthfulness cannot be questioned.”

“Every good gift and every perfect gift … comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning” (James 1:17). When the Lord made His promises, He foresaw every possible contingency, and He made His promises with a determination to keep them. Time makes no difference. His promises are as fresh and unfading as when they first delighted His chosen.

Fall on your knees and pray,  “Lord, this is Your promise. Be gracious and grant it. You do not change. Your Word is not withdrawn. You have never run from your Word, and You never will. Therefore fulfill it, because this gives me reason to hope.”

An unchanging God is the foundation of happiness for the believer.

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